Tikka-tikka-tikka-tikka-tikka…what’s that sound? It’s the sound of everyone around you – including your target market – using social media. They’re liking status updates on Facebook, re-tweeting cool comments on Twitter and checking in on Foursquare. They’re scrolling for miles and miles on Pinterest and looking at thought leaders’ presentations on Slideshare. Are you a part of all the action?

Many business owners know they need to be using social media to engage with their clients, they’re just not sure where to start (nobody wants to start something they can’t dedicate time to) and they don’t want to risk being cheesy. Also, how will the governance work? What if you get attacked online and your Facebook Wall becomes a public complaints department?

Launching a social media marketing strategy needs to be well thought-out. It takes planning, creativity, and most of all time, to create a noteworthy buzz online (just because you’ve got the social media accounts, doesn’t mean people are going to start chatting to you immediately).

Point is – social media marketing isn’t a quick and easy way to conduct business. Creating an online persona and networking with the right people will open up so many doors of opportunity – if it’s done correctly.

At WSI, we have dedicated community managers that show you how to use LinkedIn to remove barriers (commonly known as gatekeepers here in South Africa’s corporate world) to people you need to be doing business with. We dedicate a few hours every day to find the most relevant, cutting edge industry information for your brand to Tweet and we find the buzz-worthy columns that you should be commenting on – and we do it all for you, posted by your brand.

Besides helping many clients create solid, sustainable social brands, we’ve also initiated some of the funniest viral campaigns around. Whether your goal is building awareness, attracting attention or building a community out of your target market – we’ve got the technological know-how, creativity and eagerness to make it work for you.

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