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Comprehensive digital marketing consulting services in South Africa are more affordable than you might think – especially when you calculate the ROI.

With the right website analytics services in South Africa, you can transform your business objectives into quantifiable results that benefit your bottom line.

Who Needs Digital Analytics?

Are you excited about the potential digital marketing promises your business? Your mind keeps wandering to thoughts about the vast number of prospects you can reach online while your eyes keep spotting awesome examples of graphics to share on social media. In fact, you could say that you have become obsessed with the online marketing of your product or services!

The only niggle of concern is that you are not sure how your digital marketing strategies are measuring up? Is your target audience as enthusiastic as you are about your internet marketing campaigns?

Do not despair! Website analytics combined with digital marketing analytics will give you the data-driven insight you seek.

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What is Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics?

Digital analytics is one of the most vital components of your digital marketing campaigns. It provides you with cold, hard numbers which prove whether your online marketing initiatives are working or not. You will easily see what needs to be increased, tweaked, or ditched.

Web analytics involves collecting and analysing data about the performance of your website so that you can improve how users experience it when they visit. It looks at website activities such as page load times, page views per visit, bounce rates, and time on site.

Marketing analytics focuses more on how your marketing campaigns are performing, how they stack up against each other, and how they can fine tune your buyer personas. From search engine optimisation to mobile marketing and more, you can determine the traffic, engagement, leads, conversions, and sales.

In a nutshell, analytics gives you peace of mind about your digital marketing decisions.

When the two types of analytics are used together, you get a compelling blueprint of actionable tasks that will move you closer to achieving your business goals:

  • Increase revenue and improve your bottom line
  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve local SEO to increase sales in your geographic area
  • Increase qualified traffic, i.e., visitors who are likely to become a customer.
  • Manage online reputation
  • Position yourself as an influential expert or thought leader in your field.
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How Do Digital Analytics Help My Business?

Knowledge is power! With the information garnered from your digital analytics, you can:

Increase the open rate of your email marketing by segmenting and A/B testing your mails.

Prioritise your social media marketing by analysing which networks are bringing in relevant traffic and leads.

Ascertain which subjects your target audience cares about. Then concentrate your content marketing efforts on those topics.

Take your SEO strategy to the next level by using analytics. Identify keywords your marketing personas are using in their searches, and which are already leading to qualified traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Analytics / Digital Marketing Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Analytics / Digital Marketing Analytics

Why do I need analytics?

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. Knowing how to optimise your activities yields better results from your input (time and money).

How much time do I need to spend doing this?

When it comes to analytics and measurement tools, you will need to invest some time in setting it up and learning how to use them. Thereafter, though, it only takes a few minutes a day to monitor your digital marketing returns.

Why would I then pay for analytics tools?

The problem with the free tools is that you must go to different websites to see your data. Paid tools consolidate a lot of this information, giving you a better dashboard and saving you time.

Whether you’ve already launched an internet marketing strategy or you’re simply wondering what type of activity your current website is getting – we can help you. What are you waiting for? Contact us for more about our visionary website analytics services in South Africa today.

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