Professional LinkedIn profile writing services

Why is it that some people are connected to all the right people in the industry? And why do some people always get the job they want? Because they are using LinkedIn to their advantage.

LinkedIn, which is the largest professional social networking website, is where many recruiters start looking for potential candidates. It’s also the website that industry experts, sales people, account executives and CEO’s use to connect and network with people they want to do business with. If they’re not connecting with you, it could be because you are not taking full advantage of LinkedIn.

How a professionally written LinkedIn profile can help

 Here are a few reasons why you need a professionally written LinkedIn profile:

  •  The right keywords: In any industry, there are certain buzz words that get linked to specific people, positions and areas of expertise. We can do keyword research for you to find out which phrases and words should be included in your LinkedIn profile.
  • The right wording: It’s not always easy to take your own work history, experience and expertise, and word this into an interesting, personal profile that people want to read. Our team of copywriters can get the wording exactly right to make sure your profile is professional while still showing your personality.

 Contact WSI for LinkedIn profile copywriting

When it comes to creating LinkedIn profiles, we’re the go-to people. We know what your prospects and recruiters are looking for, and we know how to set up profiles that people want to click on and read.

A powerful LinkedIn profile will set you apart from other candidates, sales people and business professionals. It helps you bypass the gatekeepers so that you can do business with right people in your industry.

Start networking with the people you’ve always wanted to know; get the dream job you’ve always wanted and start connecting with people on LinkedIn with confidence. Contact us to find out more about our professional LinkedIn writing services.