Effective and affordable email marketing in South Africa

Smart companies make use of effective email marketing to reach their consumer bases. This valuable marketing tactic is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing – and surprisingly also one of the most affordable. The popularity of email marketing stems from the fact that it can be highly targeted and customised to reach specific audiences and its performance is fully measurable. It also takes advantage of the Internet users most productive and personal connection to the internet – their inbox.

At WSI OMS we use email marketing to help our clients form a virtual relationship with not only their existing, but prospective consumers too. We will also assist you in maximising the retention rate of these customers, which will have a direct impact on your ultimate profitability. We see email marketing as a relationship building tool between your company and its consumers.

With more than two decades’ experience to draw from, we offer our clients a complete email marketing solution. This includes the strategic planning of your campaign, its creative execution and deployment and comprehensively tracking and reporting on its progress.

Benefits of email marketing in South Africa

Here are some of the top ways your company will benefit from using our email marketing campaigns:

  • Global reach: Regardless of where you are or who you need to reach, using targeted emails you can pave the way for your company. Borders are no longer an obstacle with email marketing.
  • Lower cost marketing: The costs that are incurred with designing, executing and sending email is up to 70% less than a paper based direct mail version. Adding email to the marketing endeavours of your company will help you spend less money, time and resources than you would with traditional marketing tactics like print or direct mail marketing strategies.
  • Interactive: By aiming your emails to specific markets, you can use videos, graphics, music and other multimedia to pique the interest of your prospects and grab their attention straight away.

WSI OMS can help you pull off successful, cost effective and interactive email marketing campaigns.

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