Lead Generation

 So you’ve launched your website, hired people to “man the phones” and briefed your sales team… but nobody’s calling or filling out the “buy now” form on your website. 

Your online lead generation strategy is probably lacking. Setting up the basics – like launching a website or an online shop is only the first step – now you have to drive traffic to your site and convince people that you are the people they should be buying from.

If you want to walk into your office every morning to find ten hot leads flowing into your inbox, you have to turn your online activities into your 24-hour sales guys. Whether you need more traffic coming to your website or you’re struggling to turn this traffic into sales – WSI can help you.

Why Use lead Generation?

Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. A buyer is able to request information from several businesses that offer the product or service that they are looking for and the seller is given the opportunity to pitch their product or service to someone who has given them permission. Conversion rates on leads that you receive often have a higher conversion success rate than cold contacts because the prospect is prequalified, before you ever receive the lead.

Lead generation has become popular with businesses because it enables a business to:


Determine pricing on a per lead basis


  Pay only for the leads that are received


  Choose the product or service they wish to offer to prospects


  Select the geographical area that the business is interested in.


  Control the number of leads a business wishes to receive per month (this assists with budgeting)

How Does lead Generation Work?

The process is simple, but it has to be customised for each and every client we take on. Some businesses benefit greatly from Pay-Per-Click advertising, while others need vast amounts of content telling people about each and every product or service they offer. Whatever strategies we employ, we focus on creating maximum awareness about your brand and actively turning website visitors into clients. If it’s not increasing your bottom line – then it’s not working for you or for us.

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