PPC Campaign Management Services

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

We take a unique approach to PPC Campaign Management by offering numerous ways to optimise your campaigns. We can help maximise a PPC campaign through:

→ Regular Keyword Bid Adjustments

→ Sale / Lead Conversion Tracking Analysis

→ Conversion Improvement Recommendations

→ Tailored Competitor Analysis & Reports

→ Analysis On Keywords & Day-Parting Strategies

→ Use Of KPIs To Set Bidding Rules

→ Phone Support & Monthly Performance Reporting

→ Dedicated Account Manager

Pay-per-click advertising can be costly if not done properly, so make sure your PPC campaigns are in good hands. Our PPC campaign management goes beyond just adhering to the Google AdWords Advertisers Guide for third-party partners. 

By working with Unitbit Solutions, you gain access to a team dedicated to optimising your PPC campaigns in every aspect. From strategic bid adjustments and in-depth conversion tracking analysis to comprehensive competitor insights and bespoke keyword strategies, we ensure your campaigns are meticulously managed. 

Our approach maximises your campaign’s ROI by leveraging KPIs to inform our bidding rules and providing strong phone support alongside detailed monthly performance reports. 

Entrust your PPC campaign management to us for strategic, data-driven decision-making that drives results. 

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