Social Media & Digital Marketing Training in South Africa

The way the world communicates is changing. The Internet is an extremely powerful and useful resource that companies can use to not only garner new consumers but also communicate and interact with their existing customers in a way the world has never experienced before. Social media and digital marketing training can put you on the forefront of all things digital and teach you how to start using the Internet in new ways.

We offer in-house training (either on-site or at a conference venue) so that your teams can learn everything they need to know from the experts. Whether you’re interested in learning how to connect with the right people on LinkedIn, how to set up a mobile marketing strategy or how to start using Twitter to have a positive impact on your bottom-line, we can help you!

We provide training in virtually any field, including the following:

  • Twitter: These 140 characters might not seem like a lot, but if used wisely you can communicate and interact with millions of South African consumers. Writing effective tweets is only one area of making Twitter work for your company. Gaining followers, trending and building your brand using Twitter are other factors that we will train you on.
  • Facebook: Facebook has been the driving force behind the social media revolution that transformed the way the world communicates. Although many subsequent copycats have entered the arena, Facebook remains a powerful social media tool which demands attention. We will train you on how to make the power of Facebook work for you – both with the free tools on offer such as pages and groups and the paid Facebook ads.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a portal which can be used by your company to hobnob with other industry professionals, suppliers and distributors. If used correctly this powerful interaction tool can pose severe benefits to your company – and we will help you to gain the most benefit from this great tool.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: You’ve got a website, but how easy is it to find your website? We will show you how to do keyword research and optimise your website so that search engines such as Google and Yahoo! rank your pages well.
  • Complete digital marketing strategies: There’s no cookie-cutter strategy that will suite each business. During our digital marketing training, we can show you different strategies and options to make sure you kick-start the right campaigns and strategies for your business.

Let our industry experience, knowledge and skills work for you. We will train your company on using these and other digital marketing and social media tools to further your market reach and build your brand identity and create a positive online reputation.

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