In July, Google announced the launch of its Digital Marketing Transformation programme in South Africa. The tech giant described the programme as a partnership between itself and clients aimed at enabling “business growth through providing customised digital marketing advice, including digital marketing fundamentals, best practices and a focused customised roadmap.”


What will this programme entail? And, how can it help you boost your online marketing strategies from Nascent (the lower end of digital maturity) to Multi-moment (the level at which the top two percent of the world’s digital marketers are operating)?


The programme takes clients through a six-step process, beginning with an assessment of their current online marketing efforts in relation to international best practices. The assessment makes use of the Digital Maturity Benchmark, devised by the Boston Consulting Group. After going through this assessment, your digital marketing work will be benchmarked at one of the following four levels of maturity: Nascent, Emerging, Connect and Multi-moment. If you do not even make it to Nascent, it means that your strategies will need a complete makeover, so as to bring it up to speed when measured against global standards. If your work is Nascent, you will then be helped to devise a strategy to move you up through the next three levels.


If you are sitting among the 2 percent of marketers who are ranked as Multi-moment, meaning that the customer experience you provide moves dynamically and effectively towards desired business outcomes, then you need to just keep doing what you’re doing, while being sure to keep an eye on changing business and marketing trends.


The assessment provides a useful reality check to empower you through data-driven knowledge and self-awareness. The remaining steps of the programme will then help you to develop your marketing strategy to the next level. If you are like 89 percent of the world’s marketers, you will find yourself sitting somewhere between Emerging and Connect, meaning that you need to attend to just one or two key points of transformation to take you into another league. 


Looking to create Connect to Multi-moment level digital transformation strategies for your brand? That’s what we live and breathe at WSI. Contact us to discuss your online marketing and allow us to show you how you can make the most of Digital Marketing Transformation.