As a digital marketing company, we are often asked which skills must become a successful digital marketer. Here are some of the skills that you need to cultivate and master to become a digital marketer that everyone wants to hire:

  1. Marketing Fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals of marketing is crucial to becoming a successful digital marketer, but unfortunately, this is something that many digital marketers ignore. Understanding marketing fundamentals mean having a solid grasp of the entire consumer decision journey. This means you need to understand how consumers think and buy products. The stages that a consumer goes through when buying a product, for example, are awareness, consideration, and purchase. As a marketer, it is important to know what and how a consumer is thinking of at each of these stages.

  1. How to Ace Advertising Channels

Paid and organic advertising channels are what you will need to focus on as a digital marketer. There are multiple paid aid advertising channels across the spectrum, including Facebook, Google, remarketing, email, display ads, etc. It is important to understand each of these platforms and how they could potentially slot into your client’s digital strategy. You need to understand the benefits of each platform and how to run and manage campaigns on each platform. You also need to understand how a consumer searches for information on Google and how you can use Google AdWords to tap into this market. Organic channels refer to Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and so forth.

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