Text message marketing is a great way to gain visibility in front of your loyal followers and customers, but how do you do it? What’s the best way to take advantage of text message marketing to grow your business? And, furthermore, why text message marketing over email?


We get that question all the time! And the reason is that text message marketing gets in front of people instantly, and basically, everybody sees it. With email, there’s a little bit more of a delay because people don’t check their email in real-time. In this blog, we’re going to give you examples of how you can use mobile marketing to make your brand stand out.


1. Include Calls to Action on Your Website

For an e-commerce store, a good text message marketing campaign might be something like an instant coupon. Maybe somebody is on your e-commerce store, they’re on the check-out page and you have a lot of abandoned carts and you want to try to reduce that. Put a call to action on the page: “Hey, opt in to our text message campaign right now and get an instant coupon for 20% off.” This helps customers move forward through the buying process.


2. Give People the Information They Want

A dance studio has classes and scheduling. Maybe classes need to move out due to bad weather. This would be information that would be super important to get in front of people in real-time. Email wouldn’t be as effective here, right? Text is much more effective if the class was cancelled because of a heatwave or a big traffic pile up, for example. In this case, people will be grateful to get a text message because it gives them important information they need to plan their day.


3. Offer Worthwhile Specials and Deals

A restaurant is another great example. It’s a slow day on Tuesday at lunch, right? Instead of just sitting there with a slow day, you can send a text message out to the loyal followers of your restaurant and tell them there’s a buy-one-get-one-free burger deal or 30% off lunch menu items, for example.


4. Make Sure You Have Permission to Text

With text message marketing, you can’t just put somebody’s phone number into a text message marketing software programme to text them. That’s against the rules. They need to actually opt-in to receive the information that you want to provide. So, what you need to do is think about where are you going to get this call to action out in front of people. If you own a restaurant, this should be in-store, on the table or on the menu. If you have an email subscriber list, consider including the option to opt-in in a newsletter.


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