Data driven digital marketing is a big deal because it’s all about having more relevant conversations with your target audience and customers. It can make a big difference in your digital marketing initiatives because it enables you to craft the right message and send it to the right person at the right time. While this sounds simple enough, it’s really hard to get right without data.

When people are interacting with your business across so many different channels, it can be hard to keep track of conversations. Customers could be interacting with you via social media, call centres, your website, in store, or via their mobile phones. Customers are looking for an experience where regardless of how they are interacting with you, they expect you to know all of this information upfront. They expect a brand to know that they have already filled out a specific form or that they have bought a certain product and that they are calling the call centre to resolve an issue related to their unique situation.

Most people have experienced atrocious customer service at one point or another. How frustrating is it to call a business for help, explain your situation and problem, just to be put through to a different person and have to start your entire story from the beginning? It’s bad enough when this situation happens on one channel, but if a customer experiences this situation across multiple channels when trying to communicate with your brand, it can severely damage your brand’s reputation.

Data driven marketing can solve a number of problems for you and it can significantly enhance the customer experience you are able to offer. Contact WSI OMS to find out more today.