I spent the last 8 days in Orlando at the lovely Portofino Hotel at Universal Studios. For 4 days I networked with as many WSI Internet Consultants as  possible. I really have a great job because it doesn’t feel like a job. Being an Internet Consultant (IC) with WSI enables me to travel all over the world meeting ICs from each country.

I was in Spain on the 6th September conducting 2 days of training with the Spanish ICs and it was at this session that Maribel Guiste (VP of Operations) approached me to help WSI to create some new induction training material for new franchisees. It is a real honour for me and as many of the ICs know I really love sharing my techniques on how I run my business.

So I am on the plane from Orlando to Toronto as I write this post using Windows Live Writer. It is really neat and easy to use. When I next get connected this post will be uploaded automatically.

My agenda for next week is to workshop the new training content with the WSI Executive Management team. We will be covering:

  • Preparing for your WSI franchise business
    • New ICs will work on some social media activities and learn how to create credible profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Creating our sales presentation folder that encourages consultative selling and educating your prospect. No hard sell here
  • Building your IC site on Efusion
  • Hands on practical exercises to optimise your IC site for local visibility as well a setting up a Google Pay Per Click campaign
  • Then we create our Content blueprint.
    • This is the part that I enjoy as it lets me be creative
    • We will be using the WSI Power search tool to help with brainstorming ideas
  • Next we work on building our list and creating email journeys for ongoing communication with our prospects and clients
  • Finally we close off by role playing a sales call

There is going to be a lot of hard work this week and I look forward to it.

I have also been invited to dinner by a number of ICs and look forward to building more friendships with,

  • Liana Ling
  • Shane Serra
  • Jeff Green
  • Peter Jasniewski
  • and the top WSI performer Doug Schust. Doug is a real character and he was kind enough to let me spend a couple of days in his office a few years back when I was green at this business. Hanging out with Doug is great as he is so creative and generates a lot of excitement and energy.

I am travelling for quite a while and will look forward to getting back to South Africa on the 11 October.

I return back to Toronto on the 24 October for a week where I will be conducting the initial training with Lee Scott. Lee is a professional trainer so I will be learning a lot from him that week.

Till next time..