Social media can be found almost everywhere on the web. The internet viewing public has shifted to social media and many search engines are already busy incorporating it onto their algorithms including the upcoming Caffeine update of Google. Even though social media has been around for a while, successful online businesses is also following this trend. Millions of conversations are happening online every day.  This creates a highly involved audience that engages and interacts around focused topics.

Companies embracing the social media advantage will be able to connect with their targeted audience and reap the benefits of increased brand awareness and increased sales.  Businesses need to re-visit their marketing assumptions to take advantage of the evolution of Web 2.0 social media marketing. For the first time businesses can broadcast their message to targeted users at the right time and make sure their message is seen by as many users as possible.

It is important that businesses must understand that this kind of marketing (Social Media Marketing) is very different than traditional marketing.  Social Media Marketing is all about creating relationships and trust. Not about selling.  Conversation is king but in order to establish it, you will need good relevant content to start it.

Social Media Marketing allows you to promote your services and brand by making your presence known on targeted social media websites.  This process is also called “Social Media Optimization (SMO)”. Popular social media websites includes Linkedin, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter and YouTube.  Each social media website has its own rules and strategies that needs to be developed for each in your social media marketing strategy.

You can also use social media tools to access audiences with shared interests and viewpoints.  These social media tools includes blogs, social networks, social bookmarking websites, forums and wikis.  Social media can include images, videos, audio, widgets and text.

What your business can expect from optimized social media marketing?

  1. Attention and recognition for the company brands and the company itself.
  2. Targeted visitor traffic to the company website.
  3. The ability to interact with customers and potential customers
  4. Increased sales through increased brand awareness.

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