Blogging is a form of social media. It allows for interaction and conversation to start. With a blog, you can become the expert in your field. Every small business owner that wants to grow their business should be blogging. If on the other hand you can’t commit to regular blog postings and the time that it takes, find someone in your company to take this on.

Blogging takes commitment and the trust and credibility you can build with it is great.  The return you will receive by becoming more visible online often exceeds the costs and time that you will invest by blogging.

Blog marketing is a fast growing business marketing strategy as it allows anyone to become a content creator.  What should you expect from business blogging?

  • Postings with informative timely information will establish yourself and your business as a expert in your target niche market;
  • Build a readers list with a keen interest in your products and services;
  • You can build familiarity and trust in what you have to say;
  • You can develop a stream of qualified leads and an increase in sales;

Now you might be thinking what your business should be blogging about?  Well the answer to that question is really quite simple – blog about anything that your competitors and prospects would be interested in.

Real estate agency may want to talk about their local market, trends, days on the marketing, etc.  They could write about specific properties to encourage a prospective buyer.  They could even write about the local area for potential relocation clients.  The key to blog writing is to write about subjects of interests to potential customers.

Property managers can talk about the rental marketing, vacancy rates, etc.  They can also publish special deals to promote rentals in the off season.  The list is endless.

Create a blog marketing strategy plan for your business and then follow it through.

WSIOMS offers blog marketing assistance and can help you launch a blog for your business. Contact us today.