2018 has seen the rise of the Progressive Web App (PWA). In short, a PWA is a mobile app downloaded from a web application. They load like regular web pages/websites but feel and behave like native mobile apps. In this mobile-first era, PWAs are quickly becoming the next best thing for an optimised user experience. In fact, companies like Forbes and Alibaba have turned to PWAs to increase their conversion rates. Here are some of the ins-and-outs of progressive web apps and why they could be great for your business:


  • Instant Download

You don’t need an app store to download a PWA. Although, search engines see them as apps, installing them simply involves visiting a site and adding the progressive web app to your device’s home screen. Since PWAs are accessed via search engines, SEO can be used to make the app more discoverable – a great cost-cutting exercise.


  • Integrated User Experience

Much like a mobile app, PWAs can send push notifications, and have access to your device’s functionalities. They also offer an immersive full screen experience – without the URL bar floating on the top.


  • Fast and Reliable

According to Google, 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! When accessed from your device’s home screen, PWAs load instantly – even in poor network conditions. They respond quickly to user interactions and also function offline, just like a native mobile app. Because of this, PWAs use less data.


  • Responsive

PWAs render well on multiple devices, including desktop, tablets and soon will fit smaller interfaces like smartwatches.


  • Self-updates

Progressive web apps can update themselves automatically, which eliminates the fuss of having your updates approved by an app store.


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