Freight brokers across North America continue to choose Triumph Business Capital’s factoring services for a reason: Our 20 years of experience and industry knowledge has placed us at the forefront of the factoring industry.

Triumph Business Capital is the freight brokers’ factor of choice. Our services include factoring rate quotes online, in only two minutes; simple application processes; minimal paperwork; and competitive rates from as low as 0.49%. We pay your carriers in order for you to focus your time and resources on improving and expanding your business.

We understand that different industries require different factoring solutions and we structure our business around those industry needs. 

What we offer

At Triumph Business Capital, personalized customer service is a priority and our dedicated employees give all our customers focussed, professional service, regardless of their size and budget. Why would a freight broker choose our services? Because we are reliable, available and committed to being present for our clients every step of the way.

Freight brokers who work with Triumph Business Capital can use the access to funds to provide fuel advances and quick pay to their carriers. We also enable brokers to offer fuel discount cards and we help establish AAA credit. Any association with our reputable company immediately broadens a broker’s appeal. We employ simple and user-friendly processes, which enable clients to have online access to broker history whenever they want. We can even handle your invoices and collections. 

Freight brokers choose Triumph Business Capital because we are undoubtedly leaders in the invoice factoring world. Triumph Business Capital has provided funding for more than 8 000 companies and has bought almost $1 million worth of invoices.

To speak to one of our consultants, or to get an instant online rate quote, contact Triumph Business Capital today.