If you are reading this article, you have probably been tasked with briefing a web design company for your brand-new website or the redesign of your existing website. Here are a few ideas of what you need to include in the brief:

  • Introduction

Web designers will need to know a bit about your company. Include a few paragraphs about the business and your industry, the products you sell, the services you offer, how many people are employed and who your target audience is.

  • The Old Website

Chances are good that you already have a website. In the brief, include what you like about the website and what you don’t like (such as dated designs or old colour schemes). Let the web designers know when it was designed, by whom and how much traffic you receive each month.

  • The New Website

List the goals of your website. Are you trying to sell products online? Or, are you trying to increase brand awareness, for example? Include the demographics of your ideal buyers, the unique selling points of your products and services and a few of your competitors’ websites. List all of the features that you would like on the website, including but not limited to a search box, social media sharing buttons, e-commerce functionalities, galleries, forms, newsletters, a private members section and integration into existing CRM systems.

  • The Design

To guide the designers on the type of design you want, give them any graphics that you want on the site as well as font, style, colours and icons that you want to include. Feel free to include websites that you like with a description of what you like about them. Also consider whether the design should be professional or personal, traditional or contemporary or serious versus lighthearted, for example.

This is just a starting point to get your website project going. If you need web design services, contact WSI OMS today.