Targeting your message to the right audience is the key to growing your readership and at the same time reaching interested people. By directing and targeting your message to the people most interested will greatly increase the number of readers that will actually read your website or blog and respond. It sounds like a contradiction, but it is true.

Targeting your audience is a form of online marketing.

I always ask my clients who their targeted market is. Many times I get the response of “everyone”.  They are actually saying “I don’t want to exclude anyone, because they might be interested”.  The sad truth is that they will spend much more money and reach fewer interested people without targeting.  People naturally want to read something that is meant for them.

The two most important parts of targeting is based on demographics and attitudes.


These are the psychological or personality factors. What is the target market’s attitude regarding the company’s product? How do they arrive at the purchase decision? These include price, fashion, status, latest technology, etc.


This describes who your customer or audience is. This includes things such as age, gender, occupation, education level, lifestyle, nationality, etc.

By knowing your audience, you can write in a way that catches their attention and draws them in. This is how you increase the interest in and conversion rate for a website.

Let’s look at an example:

Price Shopper: There are many people in this world that shop based on price alone. Their attention will be grabbed by special deals, discounts and sales. They need to see a price related call-to-action. They need to see your special offer the second they arrive or they will wander off in search of a better deal. They will sign up for newsletters that announce sales. Even the design of the website should be simple and use bright active colors. This works well for products such as cell phones, printer cartridges, etc.

What ever your message, your product or service, it will be best received by those that are already interested. If you write in a way that is directed to your targeted audience, you will get more readers and more results.

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