Social Selling Education

Calling all sales managers and marketing managers: do you want more leads and sales? Using social selling techniques and strategies is an ideal way to elevate the stature of your organization which in turn generates new leads which in turn heralds increased sales.

Pulling it off seems like an overwhelming and expensive task, right? Not so! With the right skill-set, you can do it! Let our certified Social Selling Instructors – who have a wealth of experience gained by training across the globe - share their knowledge with you.

Using LinkedIn to Increase B2B Sales Workshop

“Social” can seem to be counterintuitive to B2B. However, think about it, all business transactions are based on a type of a relationship. By providing your prospects with worthwhile content and engaging them in a conversation about their needs, you develop a valuable bond with your brand.

During this 4-hour workshop, you will discover the secrets to:

  • Profile optimization, platform navigation, and LinkedIn features.
  • Personas: Identifying buyer personas and crafting YOUR persona.
  • Content marketing strategy, curation, creation, and lead generation.
  • Best practices to grow your professional business network.

This workshop is available at a convenient off-site venue for the public or it can be hosted at your premises for your team.

Social Selling Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at the very core of any social selling strategy. By publishing pertinent articles on LinkedIn, you can target would-be customers, brand advocates, influencers, and industry leaders on one professional networking site. During this one-day course, you will master:

  • LinkedIn profile research
  • Writing your profile
  • Growing your network
  • Profiling and finding your prospects
  • Finding and curating content
  • Your social selling content plan
  • LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn advertising
  • Sphere of influence selling
  • Social selling routing 30-60 minutes per day

This workshop is available at a convenient off-site venue for the public or it can be hosted at your premises for your team.


For maximum benefit, in-depth training is required. However, the commute and allowances for traffic make serious demands on the time in your busy schedule. Learning online, in the comfort of your own space, is the perfect solution.

Discover tools and resources, and ways to implement your new ideas, with this 12-week social selling program:

  • How to craft a professional LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed more easily in a LinkedIn search
  • How to increase your network with qualified connections
  • How to profile your prospect and then find them on LinkedIn
  • The best way to request a connection so that you stand out above the rest
  • How to share content that promotes you as a Thought leader in your industry
  • Gain competitive insights to help you take advantage of data mining in LinkedIn’s massive database
  • Grow your list of prospects and followers through strategic targeting with Twitter
  • Understand how to create listening dashboards to gain insights on competitors, clients and your industry
  • Stay updated with material crowdsourced by our unique WSI network of 1,000+ Internet Consultants Internationally.

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