As a group owner or manager, you can build a community where like-minded professionals with similar interests and goals can connect, learn, and grow. LinkedIn released a series of guides and notes on how to maximise groups engagement. Have a look at these strategies for building the foundation of a dynamic and lively community.


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Build a team 

Assign and share duties with other administrators who can help manage membership, implement group policies, and facilitate new discussions.

  • Who can assist with group management?
  • What will their obligations and duties be?
  • How will you uphold correspondence and accountability?

Define the culture and guidelines 

Specify a clear and compelling objective in the group description and establish guidelines for how the group will operate and how regulations will be implemented.

  • What is the aim of the group?
  • Who should join?
  • What are the requirements for membership validation?
  • How should members use the group?
  • What are the rules and regulations for discussions?
  • How will the rules be upheld?

Develop a conversation strategy

  • What topics are participants interested in discussing?
  • How often will your team post and/or comment in the group?
  • What daily, weekly, or monthly themes will be relevant to your group?
  • How will you ensure that individuals feel welcome?
  • Are there members with whom you can collaborate as community leaders?
  • How will you reward active participants?

Finalise the details 

  • Confirm that your group name is specific and concise
  • Upload a clear and relevant logo
  • Complete the group description and rules
  • Share your first post to set the tone of the community

Visit your LinkedIn Groups today: Once your group is up and running, you will need to consider techniques to evoke participation and conversations. Click here for suggestions on getting your members more involved. 

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