Social media marketing (SMM) should be used in conjunction with a traditional website marketing campaign. By combining them both you will increase your returning visitors to your website/blog, help other SEO efforts, lower your marketing costs, strengthen your brand, increase your visibility and credibility. Even though social media marketing (SMM) is different from traditional internet marketing, both can be used for the same purpose – to build leads and to increase your ROI (return on investment).

Find below a couple of points on what you can expect by combining social media marketing with traditional internet marketing.

Increase returning visitors

To integrate a blog into your existing website is the most common first step in using social media to integrate it into your business. Every blog should have easy bookmarking capabilities so that your visitors can easily share the information found on it. If your content is informative and interesting you will start to develop a relationship with your visitors. You will increase your stream of visitors by regularly mentioning your company name, brand, products and services. You can drive curious new visitors to see what is being said by talking about your blog in your traditional internet marketing campaign.


A natural result of engaging with social media is that if you write interesting content, people will link to it and agree or disagree about what you have said. This creates conversation and can lead to numerous discussions. It can also increase your page rank if other people links to what you have said and it can improve your overall marketing efforts. You can use targeted keywords from your SEO campaign in your discussions. This will also boost the ranking of your website for these keywords.

Brand yourself and your business

Social media marketing can brand yourself and your business. Posting a new video about your products and services on YouTube can spread virally. A simple advertisement on Facebook can build your name recognition and brand exposure. With any marketing campaign – online and offline – the more you see a product, the more likely you are to be influenced by it.

Saves you money

Using social media is cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns and stretches your campaign budget while improving the overall reach of the campaign. Even though it takes time and dedication to do social media marketing, the time and dedication spent on it will often out weigh your return.