The internet viewing public has changed and shifted to social media and trust based social networks and channels. Business marketing is following this new trend.

You can find millions of conversations happening every day through various social media channels. This is all done by a highly involved audience that engages and interacts around focused topics.

Individuals and companies that takes advantage of this trend can connect to their targeted audience and reap the benefits of increased visibility, increased sales, increased business leads and brand awareness. Companies must re visit their marketing assumptions to take full advantage of the internet evolution of Web 2.0 and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very different than traditional marketing and businesses must understand this. Social Media Marketing is about broadcasting valuable content and about creating trust and relationships. Not about sales. If it is used correctly together with social media optimization (SMO), the sales and business leads will follow.

Social media allows you to make your presence known on targeted social media channels and to promote your brand. These social media channels includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Digg, blogs, etc. The media can include video, images, audio or text.

Every social media channel has its own rules of strategies and engagement that needs to be developed for each of your social media marketing strategies. Each of these channels allows you to access audiences that shares the same interest and viewpoints.

What your business can expect from social media marketing.

  • Recognition and attention for your company brands.
  • Links to help with your SEO strategy.
  • Increased targeted visitor traffic.
  • The interaction with prospective clients and customers.
  • Increased business leads through brand awareness.
  • Increased visibility.

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization is not something businesses can ignore anymore. It is a powerful marketing trend that more and more people are using everyday. Why miss the oppertunity to engage with your clients and potential customers?

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