Pay per click training

Our pay per click training course is highly practical and hands-on. We have a unique approach to training that utilizes the analysis of Google Adwords advertising campaigns. We work with South African and international PPC accounts from different industries. Our training sessions can accommodate individuals or groups.

What you will get from our PPC Training Course:

  • Ways to match your keywords to your landing pages
  • Knowledge of how you can Interpret various reports
  • How you can achieve great Return On Investments on Google
  • The ideal account structure
  • Learn about the various bidding options available
  • Understand the importance of a good quality score
  • Recommendations on landing pages
  • Tools and strategies to find the best Pay Per Click keywords and phrases
  • Tips on writing the best PPC ad creativeΓÇÖs to attract highly targeted clicks
  • Learn which times are best for you to run your ads

You Will Also Get:

  • telephone support
  • Google Analytics code linked in to your Google ads account
  • Tips on avoiding click fraud
  • Ongoing Recommendations on how you can improve your campaigns

We are Google Adwords certified and highly experienced PPC experts. Let us train you on everything you need to know about pay per click advertising, Contact us now