The focus of SEO has been on website design and content marketing for a while now. Because of this, many of us tend to forget just how valuable SEO optimised images can be when it comes to rankings and boosting traffic on our websites. Did you know that images which have been SEO optimised also have faster loading times, ultimately improving user experience? It’s true!

Here’s how to go about it…

Pay Attention to Image and File Size/Format 

Remember that PNG, JPEG, and GIF are all great file formats for web images (most experts suggest using JPEG for colourful images and PNG for images that are a bit simpler). You will also want to avoid using high-res images on your website as these can extend page loading times and lead to a higher bounce rate. The secret is to compress high-res images to reduce their size without affecting their overall aesthetic quality. Photoshop works well for this, as do other tools like Affinity Photo and Pixlr.

Name Your Images Strategically 

“Image_0974536” is doing you no favours. Boost your SEO tremendously by naming each web image with descriptive keywords – preferably the same keywords that you use in your content – for best results. Separate each keyword using hyphens rather than underscores (search engines cannot recognise these).

Utilise Alt Tags 

Alt tags help search engine spiders to ‘read’ your images – so be sure to keep these descriptive too. It’s important to avoid keyword stuffing, however, and to aim to include no more than 15 words per tag.

Say No to Stock Imagery 

Using stock imagery may be a cheaper alternative to having your own professional photos taken, but doing so can hurt user experience and your SEO. Other websites are bound to be using the same images, which is why your website is likely to take a knock in terms of its rankings.

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