When it comes to digital marketing, marketing and sales departments, business owners, corporate companies, and new business start-ups need to stay on top of the latest trends. YouTube is an ever-popular part of internet marketing strategy.

YouTube Fulfils Social Media Marketing Requirements 

Because videos can convey emotions that connect with those of your audience, they leave a more lasting impression. With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is a valuable marketing tool to promote your brand and drive conversions. 

YouTube makes branding a breeze, as you can choose your own channel name and customise the banner with images and colours that identify, promote, and link back to your website.

Interacting with your audience is made easier with the addition of links to your social network pages and website on your channel art. You can guide your viewers with playlists, analyse their reactions to your videos, and even embed your videos into your website.

Save Time with YouTube’s Smart Replies

As with all content marketing replying to your fans as their base grows is crucial. Touching base used to be rather time-consuming. But, thanks to Google’s “cross-lingual and character byte-based SmartReply model built for YouTube and implemented in YouTube Studio”, it is much quicker now. (Users of Gmail will be familiar with this time-saving gem.)

Currently available in English and Spanish, Smart Replies scans your video comments – taking into consideration the text, lack of punctuation, abbreviations, slang, and emojis – and then prompts you with suggested replies which you can use with just one tap!

To align with your brand, Smart Replies takes it a step further by incorporating your conversational style and tone as it learns that over time.

Award-Winning Solutions 

WSI OMS in South Africa will support you and your business if you want your social media marketing for the rest of 2020 to knock it out of the park! Contact us, and we will manage your YouTube community with you.