LinkedIN is a Social Networking site for business professionals and like Blogs, Websites and other online marketing content, it can be optimised. The points made below are key areas you should focus on if you also want to optimise your LinkedIN Profile.

LinkedIN Profile Headline

This is the most important step you’ll take when optimising your LinkedIN Profile. In SEO terms, the headline field in your LinkedIN Profile is similar to a meta description. Rather than using a job title that no-one understands, explain to user’s what you do in as few words as possible.

Do some keyword research around your job and use the keywords in your headline. Include your contact information (an email address will suffice) in your LinkedIN headline.

Your LinkedIN Profile Summary

As well as your chance to describe yourself and your aspirations, use your summary as an opportunity to use loads of industry-related keywords (think long-tail keywords). Just beware of creating a keyword-stuffed, long-winded summary that comes off sounding like a robot. Just like any effective website, a LinkedIN profile optimized with user experience in mind will get the sale long before a keyword-stuffed can of SPAM. As an extra tip, try not to exceed 100 words in your summary.

Your Group Memberships and Connection play a part in your LinkedIN Profile Ranking

Your group memberships and  total number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections also play a part in determining your ranking in LinkedIn search results. Group memberships and connections can be likened to incoming links- they serve as a “vote of confidence” of sorts, and the closer your connection is to the searcher, the higher up you will show if they use the one-click filter option to sort by relationship. My best advice would be to join as many (relevant) groups that you can and connect with a few LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) from your industry.

Note: LinkedIN etiquette stipulates that you shouldn’t connect with random strangers, it’s just plain rude!

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