During one of our lunch breaks at our WSI Excellence & Innovation convention I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Jeffrey. He is really approachable and a pleasant guy to talk to. We spoke about his book, Waiting for your cat to bark and discussed the persuasion ideas that he presented during his keynote speech.

He makes a couple of good points on what makes visitors take action on websites. If they are motivated to get the content then it doesn’t really matter how bad the navigation is. But, if you are competing against sites that have great content that people want, then you really need to work on your persuasion strategies, such as using contrasting colours in your “call to actions”

I was also with my good friend Ronnie Adelman, one of the original WSI ambassadors and my mentor. Ronnie is a well known speaker on the WSI circuit and is currently arranging a Digital World Tour where the top WSI Internet Consultants will present. He plans to hold these conferences in 36 countries worldwide. He loves to travel and I am hoping to join him on a few of these conferences.

Ronnie & I are planning to hold one of the Digital World Tour conferences in South Africa next year and with a bit of arm twisting we are on the way to getting Jeffrey to present with us in South Africa. Hopefully in May 2010.

Here we are posing for a picture with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey , Ronnie & Francois (2)

From left to right, Francois Muscat, Ronnie Adelman, Jeffrey Eisenberg.