Want to learn how to write a high-impact promotional email and improve your email marketing strategy? We’ve put together a guide that will not only help you formulate your message more clearly, but that will also convert subscribers into loyal, paying customers.

Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing:

Grab Their Attention from the Start

Your subject line and preview copy need to stand out and make your reader want to open the email and see what you’ve got in store. Keep in mind that you are competing for attention in a mailbox crammed full of promo emails. So, take your time to carefully formulate these two sections. In need of inspiration?  Look around for catchy email subject lines and create your own content from those examples. 

Know Your Audience

If you want to have your reader’s eyes glued to your email, you’ll need to know what makes them tick and how you can solve their problems for them. Research your audience and pinpoint what the struggle with, then offer them the solution from the get-go. Adding value is a certain way of getting casual readers converted into paying customers.

The other side of knowing your audience is to understand what will make them click the trash button on your email. By avoiding spammy behaviour, copy that sounds unnatural as well as ‘salesy’ and other triggers, you’ll see a higher conversion rate from your email marketing efforts. 

Paint a Picture

Colours, literary devices, buttons and designs can help you communicate your message clearly and concisely. Email content should be limited to only a few paragraphs, so make good use of the space you have by introducing visual aspects combined with the right copy to pack a powerful punch in your email. Don’t go overboard with visual aspects though! The idea is to be memorable, not overstimulating. Emotive words, good design elements and a strong call to action will help you to communicate your message in an impactful but tasteful way.

Set a Goal and Be Laser Focused

Each email you send out needs to have a specific goal in mind. In addition, it must be finely tuned to reach the target audience. There’s a world of difference between an email you’ll send to a new customer and the one you’ll send to a repeat customer, so don’t get those wires crossed. If you are not clear on your goal, your copy will be all over the place, and you’ll confuse your reader who will merrily run over to your competitors with clearly formulated messaging.

Get a Little Personal

It is becoming more and more important to show a little personality when trying to stand out from the myriad of competitors in your field. If readers feel like they can relate to you and make a personal connection, they will reward you with their loyalty. This personal connection also extends to treating readers as individuals with desires and needs. Personalising content for different segments of your audience can help to convince even some of the toughest readers to spend their hard-earned money with you.

Seal the Deal with a Strong CTA

Your entire carefully-crafted promotional email can amount to nothing if you don’t have an intriguing call to action that will get readers to convert to paying clients. You need to align the content of your promotional email in a way that will funnel the reader to your call to action and make it very clear what the reader needs to do next. There are many fantastic examples of CTAs that you can use as a foundation. So, start researching how to create a call to action that your audience will respond to. 

If you’ve neglected your email marketing until now, get in touch with WSI OMS to create a powerful digital marketing strategy that will help you to convert casual readers into loyal customers.