Seemingly overnight, TikTok, the Chinese-owned video sharing social media app, has exploded to world-wide acclaim. The rapid rise of the video-themed social app has got even social media behemoths like Facebook and Instagram concerned, and fading upstarts like Snapchat scrambling for new ways to stay relevant. 

For marketers, however, the TikTok explosion should only cause excitement. It presents a trendy new channel for your brand to connect with your customers and prospects. Here are a few TikTok statistics that show why the social app must catch your full attention as a marketer:

  • Over 1 billion downloads,
  • More monthly installs than Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and
  • 500+ million global active monthly users.

As you can see, you should be leveraging the TikTok opportunity to market your business. Here are three tips to make your task easier.

3 Tips for Marketing Your Brand on TikTok

1. Create Videos That Are Relevant to Your Business

It sounds straightforward enough, but some creativity is needed if your videos are going to attract the attention of your audience on a platform that also has thousands of other trending videos. 

If your product requires some assembly, a good idea will be to produce an assembly demo video. For their #GuacDance challenge, Mexican food-themed American restaurant chain, Chipotle leveraged the popularity of Dr. John’s ‘Guacamole Song’ by encouraging their customers to record and post videos of their avocado-themed dance moves.

2. Partner With Influencer

As you grow your own following on TikTok, leverage the popularity of influencers to market your brand. Again the advice here is to do your research and create relevant content. 

Importantly, make sure the influencer is a fit for your brand or product. If yours is a food business like Chipotle, then a popular chef will be a great influencer to partner with. Similarly, if you’re a sports apparel brand, then a sports star will be a perfect partner.

3. Be Consistent

As with content marketing where you must aim to produce and share quality content on a regular basis, success on TikTok also depends on your consistency. Be consistent with the regularity with which you post videos as well as with the quality of the videos themselves.

Ensuring you post high-quality videos regularly obviously raises questions of cost. But, you’re not going to do your brand any good by producing a good video that goes viral and then following up with a dud when your audience is all excited and ready to engage more. Establish a posting schedule and then stick to it.

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