How do you get your social media marketing to work for you on LinkedIn in 2020? Times are uncertain across the world at the moment and LinkedIn has recently published a guide on how to reassess your business’s digital marketing strategy in the midst of Covid-19. The greatest concern marketers are facing at the moment, has been found to be budget cuts. So, let’s look at an optimised inbound marketing strategy that will decrease your spend and allow you to  take advantage of connecting with the estimated 700 million users on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn social media marketing strategy in 2020 

  • Post visually appealing content

As with any marketing strategy, rich content is a distinguishing factor. But good visuals become great visuals when there is useful and engaging information attached to it. (Also, LinkedIn says that visual content can increase comments by up to 98%).

  • Optimise your page 

Ensure your LinkedIn has all of your details and that it reflects your brand story. Impress people who are visiting your page.

  • Don’t disregard the LinkedIn “search” feature

Apply filters in the advanced search section to find specific influential people or companies to target in your marketing

  • Engage in LinkedIn Groups

This is an opportunity to interact with others in your sector and to get onto the radar of your target audience. Think about what other professionals might be interested in reading or hearing from you, and post relevant content. Be sure to participate in discussions and to be interactive.

  • Time your posts wisely

Just as with other social media platforms, LinkedIn also has suggested times for peak performance of your posts. 

If social media marketing budget cuts are not a concern 

  • LinkedIn Ads

Look at sponsored content, sponsored InMail, or Text Ads. Sponsored content could be a good way to capitalise on content that is already performing well. The sponsored InMail option delivers your ad directly to your targeted audience’s inbox, resembling a message. Text Ads are more traditional, appearing to the side of a user’s news feed.

Lastly, if you have a company page and you’re one of the admins, remember to take advantage of LinkedIn Analytics. Here you can assess your page performance and keep track of post metrics to see what content is resonating with your audience. 

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