Want to use interactive content to increase the conversion rates of your digital marketing campaign? Then follow this advice:

The Welcome Page

The welcome page is the first page that people see when they click on your interactive content. You want to have a clear call to action to increase your conversions. Also, make sure that you have a really good background image and sufficient text to highlight the value that they are going to get from using your solution. You need to communicate exactly how the visitor will benefit from clicking past the welcome page.

Lead Magnet

You may have certain restrictions that your sales team applies to determine what constitutes a sales qualified lead. The problem with trying to get a user to complete seven fields of personal information is that they will likely click away because it could seem like too much effort. The key is to get just as much information as possible. More often than not, you will need them to complete four fields: name, location, phone number and email address.

A good tip is to ask for a name and an email address upfront after trust is established or after you have shown some type of value. Later on, you can ask the user for their phone number and location. You want to make sure that your lead questions are intelligently designed instead of asking a bunch of questions upfront.

Length of Content

There is a balance between how many questions to ask and how much a person will be willing to give you. Sometimes, a business owner or your market research department will get involved in interactive content that the marketing team is generating. They might want to know the user’s role, the size of the department they are working in and other information. To maintain a high completion rate, make sure you ask between three and ten questions.

Personalised Results Page

Use conditional messages. If you are doing an assessment, for example, and a person gets a good score, then you want to personalise the results page for their good score.

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