Do you have to spend as much time working on internal brand culture as you would on social media marketing?

By now, most brands know that they need an online presence and a social media following. Many companies, however, aren’t dedicating enough time to their internal marketing and brand culture.

To determine whether this should be a priority for your business, ask yourself what kind of company you are going to be. Are you going to stay in the old model of mass broadcast, one-way marketing where it’s all about command, control and compliance? Or are you going to focus on inspiring and involving your key stakeholders and employees?

To be that way, you have to transform the culture of your company and your people to think that way. Instead of talking ‘at’ customers, you want your employees to be engaged with customers. It would be impossible to achieve this goal if you aren’t focused on engaging your employees in a similar way.

The golden rule is to treat your employees the same way that you would treat your customers. As the social media generation grows up and joins the workforce, they will continue to demand this type of engagement with employers.

The first step you can take to achieve this is by involving all levels of employees in your digital marketing campaigns. Ask for ideas and get people from various parts of the business to contribute to all types of content. Not only will employees be more inclined to share your content on their networks, but they will have a vested interest in the content that you are publishing.

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