SEO services can help you to drive traffic to your website when the numbers start dropping despite your best efforts. Sometimes you can use every possible trick in the book without seeing any positive upswing in numbers and that is okay. Because digital marketing changes as quickly as the internet, you need to constantly evolve your strategy. Here are three tips on SEO and driving traffic to your website. 

Traffic boosting tips (from SEO service experts WSI OMS) 

1. The Celebrity Touch

Celebrity endorsements have worked since the days of newspaper ads – and they still do. Now, we’re not suggesting that you pay your favorite sports star to do a cheesy commercial giving your product the thumbs up. Digital content marketing can be more subtle and more interesting than that. You can draw interest to your site by posting content that features celebrities connected with your line of business, and leveraging off their fan base. It can be as simple as an interview with a star, famous author, or a luminary in your industry. You’d be surprised who’s willing to talk to you if you only ask.

Alternatively, ask a well-known blogger to write a guest blog for you and/or write a blog for their site. In this way, you could be attracting a whole new audience.

2. Go deeper into social media with LinkedIn and Reddit 

LinkedIn is the most effective platform to post business-related content. And, its users have a bigger attention span than those of other social networks. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, it has users that are more likely to click on, and actually read, in-depth articles on subjects that interest them, as well as clicking through and finding out more, provided they see a benefit to them professionally. 

Reddit is another way to open up to different audiences, but in this case, you need to be a bit smarter and more targeted. Don’t just post content broadly; identify and research specific sub-Reddits that are applicable to your market, where potential new customers may be found among the readers. 

3. Rethink and evolve 

Ultimately, no matter whether you follow the above advice or any other specific tips, the point is to be willing to shift your opinions and strategies in order to move with the times and undulating trends of the internet. You need a holistic SEO strategy that can help you keep your finger on the pulse all the time and change your approach accordingly. 

WSI OMS’ Adaptive SEO™ services can help you to change the direction of your marketing strategy, move with the right trends in the industry and apply the correct approach to maintain your brand integrity while boosting traffic. Contact us for more information on our SEO Services.