Despite the recent boycotts against it, Facebook is consistently the most popular, most visited, and most widely used of the social media platforms. The network still boasts 74% of the social media market share, so it would be foolish to turn your back on it altogether – especially with the mass disruption of COVID-19.

Christmas Marketing 2020 

We don’t yet know if the upcoming festive season will be a virus-free celebration with family and friends or an isolated one for the history books. Either way, the build-up to the holidays requires a sound internet marketing strategy that will not only weather either option, but also recoup possible revenue losses.

Facebook has analysed data and created an informative guide to global shopping in 2020:

  1. Gen X and Baby Boomers have been forced to rely on mobile and e-commerce thanks to lockdowns. These groups dominate the growth of online shopping – increasing by 50% or more year on year.
  2. New products and services stand a better chance of being explored during Christmas shopping at the best of times. Add to that receptiveness fuelled by imposed disruption, and the coming shopping season is the ideal time to make new connections. 
  3. Mega sales will appeal to shoppers more than ever in light of the economic downturn. Key factors this year will be price and avoiding crowds (i.e. online shopping). Those who shop the mega sales tend to shop on mobile, spend more, and splurge on items for themselves.

Sale dates to plan for:

Black Friday – 27 November

Cyber Monday – 30 November

Last shipping day 21-22 December

January sales 1-31 January

  1. Shared values have become more important to consumers now that we have come to realise what is really important to us. Along with affordability, brands need to be authentic and take action.

Award-Winning Solutions 

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