Google Plus is rapidly gaining momentum. Since it launched in June 2011, over 40-million people have signed up to join this social network. While it’s still a far cry from the 800-million users that Facebook can boast with, it’s quickly gaining momentum, with businesses and marketers realising the potential of this niche network.

What makes Google Plus cool is the fact that you can share content with your specific Circles, which allows you to created targeted messages for different groups. Google Plus users can also participate in video conferences and get involved in discussions, making it the ideal place to engage with specific people – such as friends, colleagues, club members or business partners, online.

While many people (especially bloggers) are still debating whether Google+ will be able to rival Facebook, another set of people are asking “How can I use this to market my business?” Even Bradley Harowitz, the VP of Google+ has anticipated this trend, saying: “I expect brands will notice this and will build marketing plans around it.”

Why Google+ matters to businesses

  • You can add your company’s page. You can add your businesses page to Google+ and this page (or a brand, for that matter) can be shared and recommended by other users. People can also “endorse” your company’s Google+ page by giving it a “+1”. They can also give your updates a “+1”, which gives companies an exciting new way to penetrate into people’s networks (or in Google+ language, “Circles”).
  • Speak to your customers face-to-face. The video conferencing abilities that Google+ offers set it apart from Facebook and LinkedIn. You could effectively build personal, one-on-one relationships with customers from all over the world by video chatting with them online.
  • You can get picked up for local searches.  Your company’s Google+ Page has specific fields that will help others find your physical location. Instead of searching for your address on your Contact Us page, people can now simply find it on Google+.

In my next post about Google Plus I’m going to tell you how you can set up a Google+ Page for your business, so stay tuned for upcoming posts about Google+.

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