If you are looking for a digital marketing solution that is more accurate and gives you more reach in your advertising budget, you need to start using geofencing. With geofencing, you can reach people in precise areas based on the places they go.

You can build geofencing around events, building, competitor locations, and even convention centres and conferences. If you are a personal injury attorney who wants to reach victims in hospitals, for example, you can build a geofence around specific hospitals that you want to target. If you are a business who wants to advertise to conference attendees at a convention centre, you can similarly build a geo fence around the conference centre that is hosting an event. You can even build a geofence around your competitors’ businesses!

When your target audience walks inside of your geofences, you have the ability to serve ads to them or up to 30 days after they leave your location. They will see your ads when they are on apps such as Weather Channel or Words with Friends, and when they are on websites that have advertising space. You can also track the foot traffic of people who saw your ads by building what is known as a ‘conversion zone’.

Geofencing is the new frontier of geolocation marketing, giving digital marketers a significant edge in their advertising reach. Whether you are a car dealership who wants to reach potential clients or a company who wants to market to conference attendees, the uses of geofencing are limitless. WSI OMS can be your partner to help you reach your marketing goals.