On the 5th & 6th December I attended the WSI Digital Marketing Training in Toronto. I was amongst the top 70 WSI Internet Consultants that were invited and it was a great opportunity to meet up with many of my friends from all over the world.

There were 13 presentations and workshops and I was fortunate enough to present 9 of these sessions alongside Maribel Guiste, Francisco Hernandez, Doug Schust, Chris Schofield and Feras Alhlou.

It was an honour for me to be presenting and I just have to mention all the WSI consultants that helped me to build a successful business.

Ronnie Adelman who has been my mentor for 3 years now. He is a generous man and I have spent over 60 days in his office this year.

Doug Schust who let me spend a couple of days in his office early on in the business.

Along with Chuck Bankoff, Gary Levine & Feras Alhlou, all have openly shared their successes with me and I really appreciate their help.

Competitor Analysis presentation:

I presented and demonstrated the process I go through when doing a competitive analysis for my clients.

Here is what we covered in this presentation

  • When do you propose a Competitor Analysis?
  • The benefits of a Competitor Analysis?
  • How to do a Competitor analysis?
  • What information to gather?
  • My Competitor analysis toolbox
  • Creating a Competitor dashboard
  • Mapping the Competitor strategy
  • Developing the ideal budget
  • How to achieve results?
  • How to measure the results?

The competitor analysis report really helps to differentiate ourselves as Internet Marketing consultants and it has many benefits for our clients. We recommend a competitor analysis for a:

  • New prospect start-up
  • New product launch
  • Client has own SEO team
  • Client has difficulty in getting search traffic
  • Client is using your competitor
  • Client doesn’t know how much they should spend online

The outcome of the competitor analysis is a dashboard containing the selected competitors online marketing information. Through careful interpretation we identify the competitor’s online strategies and develop a plan to compete effectively.




Our recommendations and costs to implement are presented in a spreadsheet and this serves as a roadmap for our client to achieve their online goals in a cost effective manner.



All the delegates received a sales sheet, the competitor analysis template and a step by step guide to help with implementation as well as the budget spreadsheet template.

A number of WSI Internet Consultants have ordered a competitor analysis from our solution center and many have closed much larger deals through the use this tool.