As we all know too well, the scope and best practice guidelines of the digital marketing world are forever changing – even more so in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, considering the state of the world and the many businesses trying to get back on their feet, which digital marketing services are the ones that should be a top priority going forward? We break it down for you below. 


SEO is at the heart of every successful digital marketing endeavour. It refers to ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ which involves optimising your website in such a way that it adheres to best practice guidelines as set out by Google. This could mean posting engaging, relevant content on your website, reducing page loading times, link building, and generally doing everything in your power to boost user experience. 

Content marketing 

Speaking of posting engaging, relevant content on your website, that is where content marketing comes in. The secret is to craft content, whether text, image, or video, to which your target market will easily relate and that they will thoroughly enjoy. This can prove a lot more challenging than you might expect, especially if you are not naturally good with your words or a whizz when it comes to capturing video footage. 

A good idea, in current times, is to create content detailing how your brand plans to deliver goods ordered online safely and with social distancing in mind. You will need to reassure most customers of these approaches and safety measures to encourage a final conversion. 


PPC, or ‘pay per click’, advertising is an excellent way to get potential customers onto your website and, hopefully, making a conversion. You can embrace PPC either via Google and other search engines where you essentially pay to have your ad appear at the top of search engine search results, or you can embrace it via social media. If you opt for the latter, your ads will appear on your potential clients’ newsfeed or when they are watching video content. Instagram and Facebook ads have proven to be especially beneficial for businesses big and small in recent times, so be sure to dedicate the majority of your marketing spend there. 

The great thing about PPC is that it is easy to target your ads based on various criteria, whether it be demographics, interests, the specific device on which they are browsing (mobile marketing is huge right now!), or previous internet activity. 

You can even target consumers who have visited your website but have failed to take the desired course of action. This type of targeting is known as remarketing and is a PPC essential for maximum profitability. 

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