Social media can be used to improve customer service. It allows you to connect with customers on platforms where they spend their time. People are using social media platforms to engage with brands and, therefore, expect some level of customer service support via these platforms. Use these eight great tips to improve your customer service levels on social media. 

Tip 1: Respond Faster

Integrate customer service platforms to turn social media posts, messages and tweets into tickets. Give the highest priority to technical problems, complaints and product issues.

Tip 2: Be Proactive

Continue to build a relationship with your customers and send them regular updates of new offers, discounts, services, changes in pricing plans and other helpful information. 

Tip 3: Personalise Services

Don’t give generic responses. Make customer service interaction human and personable, not robotic and automated as if your customer is not worth making an effort. 

Tip 4: Empathise With Customers

Understand the customer’s purpose, detect their tone of voice and use the collated information to reply with empathy.  

Tip 5: Don’t Always Auto-Respond

A generic auto-response reduces the relationship built through personalisation. Rather, strive to create different auto-respond templates for common inquiries. 

Tip 6: Keep to the Right Channel

Be available to your customers on the right social media channels and address their needs appropriately. For example, on LinkedIn, your approach will be more professional than Facebook. 

Tip 7:  Use a Different Channel

Transfer social media conversations that might include sensitive customer information to other channels such as email or telephone. And, always maintain a helpful and friendly tone.

Tip 8: Be Consistent

Provide customers with the same quality customer service whether you are using social media, email or talking to them on the phone.  Accuracy and professionalism not only build, but also maintain good connections.

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