Email marketing can be highly effective or highly ineffective, depending on how you execute your strategy. Here are a few tips to help you execute excellently so you can crush it with your next email marketing campaign:


  1. Always start with value

Make sure you are delivering value with every email that you send. The recipient should see value because they are going to unsubscribe or worse – mark it as spam – if your emails aren’t providing value. They should immediately be able to see who the email is from and be happy to receive an email from you.


  1. Keep it short and sweet

Many people are looking at emails on their phones, so make sure it is short and that it looks good on a small screen. We recommend a nice hero banner design, a call to action, and little blurbs that link to more information. The email should be brief with around 100 words of content so that people can follow hyperlinks to more information if they want it.


  1. Think about your subject line

This is what people will see straight off the bat and it’s the sentence that is going to entice people to open the email or not. Make sure it is catchy and keep it short (30 – 50 characters is ideal).


  1. The best days to send

According to studies, the best days to send an email is Tuesday, followed by Thursday, with the third best day being a Wednesday. The theme is obviously the middle of the week, so focus on sending out your emails on these days. The time of day that works best will depend on your audience. If you serve a B2B audience, the best time to send an email is 6am because it will show up at the top of their inbox when they get to work.


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