Nikk is a veteran of management training and development. From here he transitioned into the Digital Marketing realm, where he still continues to train sales professionals in especially Social Selling skills. In this functionality he hones his expertise as a builder of competence, confidence and capacity. Under his guidance and influence various sales pros, supervisors, managers and directors are encouraged, empowered & upskilled to go back into the workplace with solutional mindsets and re-energized/re-engineered profit and success drivers.

Nikk utilizes his vast industry knowledge and up to date scenarios and case studies to illuminate his talks with real-world value applications. He employs an interactive/engaging marketing & speaking style to ensure an outstanding and relevant presentation. As a speaker he connects his audience and subject very positively. He is very focused on adding value in every engagement he enters into. As a marketer his focus is on creating and sustaining digital marketing activities that resonates with target audiences & creates real world ROI.

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