The rise of digital media, including websites and apps, has led to plummeting viewership and listenership figures for television and radio. Convincing advertisers to place adverts is getting harder for these long-living advertising platforms with each day that passes. No wonder that many media houses are rushing to set up streaming services.

Yes, websites are where the majority of marketing is now taking place. But, because websites are in comparison to radio and TV far cheaper to set up, there is fierce competition for the attention of consumers. All the more reason to invest resources and continual efforts in web design and search engine optimization, two of the most effective ways of attracting traffic and keeping it on your site.

Master the Basics 

The basics include:

  • Being crystal clear on exactly who your market is. If you don’t know your target audience, you won’t communicate the right message to them. If you can’t communicate the right message, your traffic-gaining tactics will fail.
  • Research your competitors and highlight how you stand out – product, service, distribution, relationships, reputation, price, image, etc.
  • The strategic use of social media to get more website traffic. Don’t open an account on every social media platform and go crazy posting, tweeting and hash-tagging until you up your traffic. Use your target audience research to share relevant content on appropriate sites.

Design Your Website for Engagement and Ease of Use 

Once you have the above in place, the experience your visitors have on your website is key. What do internet users want?

  • The next best thing! Because of the myriad of available choices, consumers have become fickle. So, keep your website design fresh, evolving and exciting to visit. 
  • Share-worthy visuals and engaging videos are the fastest growing aspect of digital marketing. Optimise them to boost your SEO. Use them to draw and keep users on your site. Encourage sharing with a clear call to action.
  • In tandem with professional visuals, test your website’s page load time with Google’s free tool. Why? Because search engines penalise slow pages, especially as searches via mobile devices increases.
  • Make it easy to access your website on-the-go with a mobile-first responsive design. 

Boost Your Chances of Ranking in Google By Investing in Good Quality Content 

As a small to medium-sized businesses, it is unlikely that you will rank on the first page of Google for a broad term associated with your offering. One way to increase organic traffic is to produce blog content that is jam-packed with incredible value.

Snippets of this can be shared through an email campaign, with a call to action to read the entire article on your website.

Seek Professional Guidance 

If you have read this far, it’s a good guess that you are interested in using digital marketing to promote your business and products. As a top web design, SEO and digital marketing agency, WSI OMS has the chops to design a fresh looking website that attracts the right traffic and develop content that engages and converts visitors. Contact us for a free consultation.