Your website page quality (according to Google) is one of the most important factors that need to be addressed by your SEO services partner. If Google rates your website as low-quality, you won’t rank high on the search results for their audiences which means that you might be practically invisible to your ideal clients. Here’s what you need to know about Google’s quality standard.

How SEO Services influence Google’s rankings

As an SEO services provider, we have come to realise that many people think that more content on their website is better, but this isn’t the case. If your website is filled with low-quality content, then even if there is lots of it, it will send a really bad quality signal to Google.

If, for example, you are answering commonly asked questions in the form of a blog post, but the content is poorly written and people quickly click away from the page, Google will notice. Google is very focused on the user experience and they keep track of how people interact with the content on your site. If you have authority content on your website, then you will have a higher chance of sending positive signals to Google.

The best way to determine a page’s quality is to focus on engagement metrics such as the following: 

  • Total visits
  • Internal and external links
  • Pages per visit – if a website visitor clicks through to other pages, then it is a good sign.

Some of the offsite metrics that you can measure include: 

  • Page authority
  • Social shares

Google considers a number of factors when determining the quality of a page. They are: 

  • Unique content (including unique words, phrases and sentences)
  • Links to the page
  • Links from high quality websites to your pages
  • The Page Answers the Query: Google can determine whether your page answers the searcher’s query by analysing the journey the searcher took to find your website. If the searcher enters a query into Google and finds your page, then goes back to Google with a completely different search term, then they will deduct that the information on your page answered the searcher’s query.

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