When you sell products online or in person, people will be curious as to what other people think about these products. People want to know:

  • If others liked the product,
  • If it worked for them, and
  • What the results of using the product were.

People like case studies and testimonials, which is why you need to start creating a testimonial database. All this is, are screen shots of emails, names and examples of what people said about your company. Start saving this information because the power of testimonials is large.

Testimonials shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be something you save and archive every time someone gives you a compliment. If the compliment or feedback is too short or vague, ask them to expand on what they enjoyed about your product and if they would recommend you to a friend. If they say yes, ask them why they would recommend your product or company to a friend.

Be sure to ask for permission to publish the testimonials as well. Some people may not feel comfortable with their personal communications being published online if they weren’t informed that the information would be made publicly available.

Not only can these testimonials be published on your website to build your authority and reputation, but you could also use these screen shots as an introduction to a presentation or to print on marketing brochures for a conference.

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