We all know that feeling when you login to your various ad dashboards to see how your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are doing and seeing a sudden spike in CTR and a drop in ad spend. This is part of why we run these ads, isn’t it? To feel that smile stretching across your face as you see the first results – even if they might only start paying off in a few days’ time since launching an ad campaign. It’s become an effective tool for inbound marketing, but with so many platforms popping up and changing ad choices, which ones are considered to yield the best results? 

Our list of top PPC platforms 

  • Google Ads

Since Google is the most popular search engine, it only makes sense that this platform will remain one of the top options for online advertising.

  • Amazon

Your distinguishing advantage with Amazon is that you have an audience that is already intent on buying.

  • Bing Ads

Not as powerful as Google AdWords, but keep in mind that Microsoft installs Bing as its default browser on Windows 10, so its reach is wider than you might assume.

  • Facebook Ads

Being the most popular social media network in the world, Facebook is still one of the top places for targeted ads. 

  • Twitter Ads

Perfect for concise and powerful ad copy, with various campaign types.

  • LinkedIn Ads

If you’re hoping to get your content in front of industry professionals or for B2B connections, this is the answer. 

As a side-note, PPC trends for 2020 suggest that using video content in advertising will continue to dominate, simply because it has the ability to retain attention and elevate brand identity. 

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