Influencer marketing is a huge part of digital marketing nowadays, making it possible for brands to reach new audiences and boost their reputation in one fell swoop. If you have been considering embracing this type of marketing for a while now but aren’t sure exactly how to go about it, the following info is sure to help.

Who is Considered an Influencer? 

That depends. However, in general, social media influencers earn that title by generating a minimum of 15 000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram. While most people think that only celebrities are influencers, this really isn’t the case. Influencers are people who can help you to reach your target audience. For example, a make-up brand will find value in joining forces with a beauty blogger and Instagrammer with 15 000 followers – and it is sure to be much cheaper than joining forces with a supermodel!

How Can I Make Influencer Marketing Work for My Brand? 

According to recent studies, 94% of marketers believe that transparency and authenticity are crucial to influencer marketing success. It is also essential that you choose to work influencers who hold the same morals and ethics as your brand, and who are relevant to your industry and your target audience.

How Do I Make Sure it’s Money Well Spent? 

Before making any important decisions, make sure that the influencer with whom you intend to work is, in fact, a legitimate influencer with legitimate followers. 42% of marketers are concerned about fake followers and bots – and rightly so! It is possible and quite affordable to ‘purchase’ new followers. So how do you know that an influencer’s following is the real thing? Take a look at the engagement on their posts – not just the numbers of ‘likes’, as these can be bought too. Look carefully at the comments and do not hesitate to take a look at some of the followers’ profiles for clues as to whether they are real people or not.

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