WSI are immensely proud to announce that Francois Muscat recently won the WSI Nick Lattanzio Lifetime Achievement Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. For the first time, Francois was rendered speechless. 

This award isn’t something that digital marketing consultants can enter themselves for. The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to people based on their contribution to the WSI Network over an extended period of time.

Francois Muscat is a WSI Training Coach and Certified Mentor who advises other Internet marketing consultants around the world on business strategies and internet marketing programmes. Sixteen years ago, Francois made the leap from the corporate life and started his own business. Francois bought a WSI Internet franchise and said that it has been such a ride. He’s had many highlights, but the Lifetime Achievement Award is a personal highlight that tops them all. Francois advised that is was an unbelievable honour, and he want to thank everyone who has worked with him, his team and his wife Marianna.