Instagram – a marketer’s best friend. If you want to expand your reach and to attract a bigger audience online, Instagram is the way for you to go. 

However, Instagram requires creativity. So, we’ve listed a few ideas for you to get started on creating unique and engaging video content:

Set a Goal for Your Video

Your short video (of one minute) needs to be compelling. This can be challenging as you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention. You need to decide what goal(s) you want to achieve by posting the video. Are you trying to attract more followers? Do you intend to attract more traffic to your website? Try to be specific with the video’s tone and feel. 

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Every business has a story. The best way to attract your consumers’ attention is to create a video that tells a story. Plan your video to ensure that you optimize each second by dividing the content into three different parts:

  1. The beginning, 
  2. The middle, and 
  3. The end. 

Stay focused on your end goal. 

Setting the Stage for Your Video

You don’t need a fully equipped set up to create a professional looking video. You can create a masterpiece with your smartphone if you follow a few basic guidelines during filming. The most important aspect to consider is the lighting. Try to find natural light in your space.

Filming Your Video

You need to decide on the type of camera you are going to shoot with. Your smartphone’s camera would be ideal or a DSLR camera. We don’t recommend that you use Instagram’s camera function as it limits your shooting capabilities. Shoot in either portrait or landscape mode with the shot always focused on your subject. 

With the many different types of videos around that you can experiment with, you can enhance your Instagram page and create a winning video marketing campaign with these simple steps. 

If you have found these four tips useful, and you want more of the same, contact us today for more information on how to enhance your online presence