As the world adjusts to a new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Others have had to adapt by going full e-commerce.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but telecommuting looks like it’s here to stay even after companies start reopening, as the digital marketing world has been changed forever. 

How has working remotely changed consumer spending?

Three areas have seen a major shift in consumer spending thanks to remote work. The first is the space and physical surroundings of a home office. Interior design firm Storey Design told Recode that people are already starting to think about redesigning their homes in a way that better accommodates working remotely. has said that home office furniture sales have doubled. There’s been a drastic increase in the demand for laptops, monitors and webcams too. 

The next category is the goods and services that support remote workers. Spending has shifted in this area as people don’t buy coffee on their way to work anymore for their colleagues, and no longer hit their local gym. Now, people stock up on their snacks beforehand and buy home gym equipment. 

The third way that remote work has changed spending is the shift towards more convenient shopping methods. Grocery delivery has taken centre stage and is a convenient way to shop while also social distancing. On top of that, it takes extra stress away from someone who may already be juggling working from home and taking care of kids at the same time.

What factors are relevant to the remote working movement?

In specific, these products and services have made a world of difference in the working remotely trend:

  • Home office goods. This helps people comfortably work from home with an environment that gives off a work feel for ultimate concentration.
  • Technology/tech gadgets. Technology is essential in making sure work is done efficiently and communication flows as it should. 
  • Food delivery apps. People don’t want the dreaded grocery run to add to their stresses, and it supports social distancing efforts. Healthy snacks have also become popular. 
  • At-home training equipment has become popular due to gyms closing, as people still want to keep up with their fitness and stick to a routine as much as possible.

How can your brand connect with the working remotely crowd?

Companies that align with the work-from-home trend are set to benefit massively. Here’s what you can do to tap into this exploding market:

Grow a loyal base of support 

Growing brand relationships will give you repeat shoppers. Focus on growing customer loyalty and you’ll create a flowing pipeline with happy customers becoming brand advocates. They tell their friends, rave about you on social media and improve brand awareness. 

Build an online community 

The isolation of working remotely has created a need for more human interaction and building an online community will fulfil that need. There are lots of ways you can do this, including hosting live stream webinars or highlighting customer product photos on your newsfeed. It’s also helpful to give customers a platform so that they can connect. 

Use technology to ace e-commerce 

There’s no doubt that online shopping is a trend that’s here to stay. Embracing e-commerce will give you a competitive edge. Reviews, ratings and user-generated content can give your company everlasting business growth and establish online credibility. Customers that see this will want to learn more about you and can lead to potential sales.

Using digital marketing to your advantage during the working remotely trend

The tips mentioned above are great ways to take advantage of the unique digital marketing methods during these times. If you’re looking for a helping hand with your online credibility, social media or copywriting, get in touch with us today.