Make no mistake: your customers are an extremely savvy lot. People are trying to sell them something almost every minute of every day. They know the methods, they know the angles, they know the difference between a conversation and a sales pitch – no matter how well you try to disguise the one as the other.


Even the best copywriting usually comes in the form of a carefully worded pitch aimed at casting a brand in the best possible light and manipulating the way that brand is perceived. We work very hard on crafting the right topics, keywords, slogans and headlines, sluglines and taglines to make sure that the public gets the right message about our brands. We spin stories and polish the perfect turns of phrase. The aim is to project one specific aspect of our brand, to keep all eyes on “Oz the Great and Terrible”, while diverting attention from the man behind the curtain. Customers are used to this game and, thus, accept it for the most part, especially when you are selling them something they genuinely want.


With all of this content sleight of hand assaulting the public’s senses the majority of the time, nothing is more refreshing to cut through the clutter, than a dose of simple, straightforward honesty – and indeed, vulnerability. Don’t try to come across as perfect. Even your biggest fans know you’re not. Don’t act as if your products are developed in some problem-free vacuum and come out right first time, every time. Why not discuss your failures? Draw attention to the sweating that goes on behind the scenes to bring your products to the public. Have a few candid admissions about your humble origin story and the moments when the whole enterprise nearly went belly up. This will only make your customers appreciate your products even more.


Human beings are hardwired to relate to vulnerability. We are so used to people and brands trying to present themselves in the best light that an honest admission of so-called weakness can be very disarming and endearing. So, don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve about some of the struggles of your business – provided you have the confidence that there is a killer, must-have product at the end of your story, of course!


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